Tuesday, October 9, 2012

How to get an Internship with a Translation Agency ?

Each day, many people wonder about what they will do as soon as they graduate from high schools, colleges, or universities. They’re not really sure of what kind of job to apply for, mainly because they either don’t have the desired experience for the position in question or don’t have the required qualifications. But, how would they pursue such experience if they never had a chance to work in the field?

The same process happens when you’re ready to apply for a translator job position. Getting an internship with a translation agency or company could help you assemble some experience in the translation field as well as knowledge that you will gather along the way.

You can actually use all of the information you’re gaining working as an intern to build up your own resume, this experience can make a big difference when applying for a permanent position. Future employers will appreciate reading and getting to know more about your experiences during an interview. You can start by growing a simple and clean resume explaining a bit about yourself and what your goals are when it comes to the translation field. Make sure to emphasize your writing and reading skills. Be sure to highlight how much you know about the language you will be working with. Send your resume by mail or email to many translation agencies and companies that you may be interested in working for. That way you can put yourself out there and be open to many opportunities they have to offer you.

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